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Hi babe! Welcome sweet soul, 
Here you will rewrite your beliefs on money! 
Actually reprogram your subconscious mind to hold new beliefs surrounding Abundance.

Make headphones your bestie babe!
It's So important to listen to this every night as you fall asleep & at least once daily

The more you listen, the more your subconscious mind receives these affirmations as a New Truth

Two offerings avail for purchase
1. Money Meditation 
2. Subliminal Affirmations "Relax into Abundance"

We all operate via Subconscious programs for example: driving, walking, breathing are all automatic programs run by our Subconscious mind. We all hv subconscious programs running surrounding money, for some it’s easy & we are subconsciously always attracting money & for some we believe it’s hard to get money & so we live out that reality. There are two ways to re write your subconscious programing 1. Hypnosis 2. Repetition Listen to this in your Headphones before bed, when your first waking up in the morning & at least one time throughout your day -maybe while washing dishes doing laundry driving to work etc. 

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